Raymond Sanchez returns to the podcast to dive deep into a topic that’s been creating stress in his life recently, his social anxiety.  We discuss when Ray feels socially anxious, what destructive thoughts are running through his head when he feels socially awkward, and I give advice for meeting new people, connecting with others, and overcoming anxiety.  We also touch on Raymond’s recent experiences and frustrations with graduate school before he shares the painfully relatable story of how he overcame his self-doubt and stepped up his relationship with Andrea.

80/20 of the secret course

  1. Look people in the eyes, and give them genuine looks
  2. Don’t give repetitive/small talk answers, give a unique, genuine, non-self congradulationary answer
  3. Listen when people talk, seek to understand the people around you in a way that they might not understand themselves yet
  4. Ask provocative questions
  5. Share vulnerable information

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Selected Links for the Interview:

The evolution of Raymond and Andrea's relationship

The evolution of Raymond and Andrea