On this episode Ryan and I catch up with Jamil, who I really haven’t seen since middle school, but I was lucky enough to reconnect with after he told us he was a fan of the podcast (Number 2 fan according to him 😉 ).  Jamil is an incredibly introspective guy, and we talked about the journey within, finding internal fulfillment through meditation, philosophy, investigating the world around us, and pursuing creative work.  The conversation gets deep and we discuss losing our sense of self, our private meditation practices, our new years resolutions, our travel experiences, and our (drug-free) psychedelic experiences lucid dreaming.  We aren’t afraid to let things get weird either, and we dive into parapsychology (ghosts and the supernatural), quantum consciousness (which I have very little patience for), meeting Deepak Chopra, the individuals Ryan and I have had sexual lucid dreams about, and harnessing your sexual energy for productivity.

We do give some easy to use practical advice, mostly on how to meditate, and why you should start meditating today!

Your Homework: Leave a comment telling us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and how it’s going so far.

Selected Links from the Episode:

Ryan’s cork progress

Jamil with some solid advice I try to internalize everyday

Jamil, with some solid advice that I try to internalize everyday