For the 9th episode of Paleomodern Polymaths, Ryan and I were joined by Brandon to talk about life after college, and the different issues we are facing as young male millennials.  We touch on our different experiences looking for jobs: Brandon’s anxiety inducing struggle finding a job he can use to “support himself” (we get into what this really means), Ryan’s aloof attitude and comfort with enjoying his youth and not worrying too much about the future, and how my fear that “I’m not doing enough” makes the idea of pursuing a more straightforward corporate job tempting, despite the fact that I’m living the happiest and most enjoyable period of my life right now.  The conversation gets extremely personal when Brandon and I remember a moment we shared after finishing our finals sophomore year, where we exchanged mutual envy, and realized that up until this point we only had a one-dimensional understanding of each other.  Ryan asks me the uncomfortable question, “Why/how did you become a shut-in in college?” and I explain the underlying issues that led to my obsession with school and self improvement.  We close the podcast out by trying to give our current selves life advice from a third party perspective, and giving each other advice on what we should do next based on how well we know each other.

Brandon is an incredible guy, and I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to establish a meaningful connection after college, and that we’ve been able to provide support for each other though the inevitable (and strikingly parallel) ups-and-downs we’ve experienced since graduating.  After recording the podcast, Brandon gave us the most insightful piece of advice we’ve ever received for improving the podcast, which I’ll reproduce below.

“I can tell you guys keep a mental list of questions to ask the people you include on the podcast, and some of the questions do pry into pretty personal things, but I think those questions need to pry even more than they do now, if you really want to improve the podcast interview segments…. even having a list of questions for someone to answer that really make even the listener feel uncomfortable will really help, because it’ll make it into a relatable conversation that the listener feels like they can’t have with anyone else.  Best example I can give is some of the things you asked me and I asked you when we had dinner at Sauce…. It’s the stories of your experiences and the experiences of the people you guys bring on that really keep me coming back, and the deeper it gets the better”

There is no doubt that Brandon’s advice will impact the direction of the podcast, especially since Ryan and I have already recorded the 10th episode, where we attempted to focus on implementing Brandon’s advice.  Hopefully we can have him on for another episode so we can all try it out, and I can learn more from Brandon.  If you listen to the podcast and want to join in on the conversation in an episode, have advice for how we could improve, or just want us to answer some provactive questions on air that will make us all uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to contact me as I’m open to learning from everyone, and I’m a fan of anyone who’s a fan of the podcast.

My advice to my 18 year old self:

  • Break up with my girlfriend
  • Follow the adventure
  • Live for my present self (instead of my future self)
  • Start Graduate Unschool instead of going to college

Brandon’s advice to his 18 year old self:

  • Meet more people
  • Don’t take college so seriously
  • Major in computer science

Ryan’s advice to his current self:

  • Go check out Colorado

Brandon’s advice to his current self:

  • Meet people
  • If you find something that’s interesting go with it and don’t hold it off because you have some other idealization of what your life should be

My advice to my current self:

  • Do more, think less
  • Add more variety to my life
  • Don’t worry so much about job security
  • Take more trips with friends
  • Visit more friends

Selected Links for the Interview:

"I perform much better at running when I'm on weed" -Ryan Doner

“I perform much better at running when I’m on weed” -Ryan Doner


Christian Bale's perfect portrayal of the body shape and wardrobe of a physics major

Christian Bale’s perfect portrayal of the body shape and wardrobe of a physics major

The project that Brandon and I reference going up to "the telescope" to work on

The project that Brandon and I worked on together sophomore year

The Mie Scattering equation

The Mie Scattering equation


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People tell the truth through their actions. If you find yourself explaining something too often, or repeatedly promising and "telling" instead of "showing" you are probably being dishonest, even if you don't realize it at the time. Once you recognize this you can study others solely from their actions, and ignore most of their words to understand who they truly are. More importantly, you can turn the mirror on yourself and see what the actions you take on a regular basis say about who you are and what's important to you, and how this compares to who you think you are and what you think you care about. While I've been seeking to live my truth for a while, I've recently realized that it's impossible to live anything other than your truth. I should instead examine my actions so that I can be objective about what my truth is, and use that information to influence my future actions if I want to change my truth to be more aligned with my ideals. Just as the truth is only malleable through tangible action (e.g. You can only create or change something by actually doing something), your truth can only be altered by your actions. Understand where you are, live like the person you think you want to be, and repeat often. Advice for myself. ~~~~~~~ 3 men of action in action #me @tcams_vb @aklusterfuk

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Some videos of my friend Jacob ^^^