Ryan and I are joined by the number one fan of the podcast Raymond Sanchez.  I wanted to get Raymond on the show to hear about his decision to go to graduate school (he is getting a Ph.D in Neuroscience at University of Washington), especially because Ryan and I almost went to grad school, but instead chose different paths.  I ended up telling a story that I almost edited out of the podcast (and still feel uncomfortable publishing), and we also discussed the importance of sleep for the health of your brain, work/life balance, what motivates us to work on our creative projects (particularly writing), how we’re trying to build a community around the podcast, and I give some updates on my Graduate Unschool project.

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Selected Links from the Episode:

Ryan and Raymond at McGuire

Ryan and Raymond in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program that they both think was a “complete waste of time”


Me after the Half Marathon with my stupid medal

Me after the Half Marathon with my stupid medal


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