On this episode I talk with Rich Davis, man of the lord, about billionaires, emotional state transference, Rich’s ambition and life goals, our obsessive drives for self improvement, how perception becomes reality, competing with yourself and others, and why we strive so agressively to improve.

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"The best way to be the best is to only compete with yourself"

  • “That’s how we evolved and became one of the most successful animals on the planet, was being able to take care of ourselves.” -Rich Davis
  • “It’s always very active thought work, there’s continuously new things to find, and I’m addicted to that” -Rich Davis
  • “If I could summarize finance it’s that: a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow” – Rich Davis
  • “I don’t want to just be good at things, I want to be the best, at everything.” – Rich Davis
  • “People are so focused on becoming better than other people… I want to be beyond comparison when it comes to how good I am at something.” – Rich Davis
  • “The best way to be the best is to only compete with yourself.”- Rich Davis
  • “Nothing in this world can mimic the inherent drive you have for something.” – Rich Davis