On this episode William and I discuss: why do people say I am gay and how your sexual orientation can become a defining characteristic of your identity (if you let it), how to ghost, including how we ended some recent relationships, our struggles with loneliness and abandonment, how you can turn your passion into something you support yourself with, combining ambition with patience, living with your parents in your late 20s, and the advice we wish we would have gotten in our depressive periods.

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Selected Quotes from the Episode:

  • “I’m told by my managers I used to work for that you can’t be what you were here, they reminded me… I tend to reign it in until I figure out the lay of the land, and straight people I think generally don’t have to do that on the same level” -William Addington
  • “I have never been included in a regular circle of friends I feel like… I was always sort of the odd man out that they would include for one event but never again, and I’ve never had a real best of friends…” -William Addington