On this episode I talk with Danielle Dallas Roosa about: the GoFundMe campaign for her new show Missing the Mark and what led her to make it now, how you can be more of your authentic self, and how social media has turned much of our lives into a performance. Hopefully Danielle’s story will motivate you to recognize your power and to start building your dreams today!


  • Intro
  • What is Missing the Mark/what led you to make it?
  • What does Danielle struggle with now?
  • What potentially misguided actions has Danielle taken to project a public image?/How did she bounce back from it
  • Danielle’s recommendations for people who are getting caught up trying to please others instead of being their authentic selves* (my favorite segment)
  • Why is it important that Danielle make her own show now
  • Danielle’s Thesis: Life as a Performance
  • How to relieve yourself from social(/social media) anxiety
  • The importance of being in a creative environment
  • What advice would Danielle give herself the day she graduated college?/Closing advice

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Selected Quotes from the Episode:

  • “If you’re feeling lost, and you feel like this isn’t me, then what is you?…. Whatever that is, just start doing it.”-Danielle Dallas Roosa