I am very happy to release this episode because for the past two weeks I thought it might have been lost forever.  On Episode 15, Ryan, Raymond, and I discuss: Ryan’s final thoughts before moving to Dallas, building a career around what you enjoy and giving yourself the freedom to change your work as your interests change, the toxic dehumanizing nature of professionalism, how our feelings for others change after engaging in sex, why we feel more connected emotionally to women, and why we’ve been viewing ourselves as artists recently.  I also share the story of how (and why) I took a huge risk so that I could keep doing the podcast the way I wanted to do the podcast (raw, authentic and uncensored), and why I live my life by the simple heuristic; given two choices, I will take the one that leads to a better story.

I’m going to tell the truth or say nothing at all.

Selected Links From the Episode:

Some of Ryan's new experimental photography

Some of Ryan’s new experimental photography

He took these at a "flow artist festival" in Austin last week

He took these at a “flow artist festival” in Austin last week