After a few (5) failed attempts at making and releasing episodes of this podcast, Paleomodern Polymaths is finally back! ūüôā

Ryan is staying with me in Dallas, trying to figure out what to do next with his life, and if he can get involved with my start-up Pryzm. ¬†On this episode we talk about the problems we’ve been running into recently in our romantic relationships, how we try to communicate and negotiate the issues, and I share an analogy which leads to a broader discussion about defining yourself, choosing a life vs. creating a life, how we see ourselves, managing expectations and how we can use zen concepts to be happier and live better lives. ¬†I talk about a moment of weakness I had the day before we recorded the episode, and how I’ve felt “off my game” recently. ¬†This leads to a surprising discussion about sarcasm, and Ryan gives me some incredibly insightful advice (which has already had amazing¬†results!). ¬†I give Ryan advice on how to live a simpler life and prioritize self-care over exciting opportunities.

The quote from this episode that’s stuck with me the most so far is “clearly someone who is being sarcastic is suffering”. ¬†If there is a quote in this episode that really stuck out to you, let me know!

Selected Links for the Interview:

Surrounded by nothing Ryan is able to experience himself more deeply

No expectation, no external stimuli. Very paleomodern.

My hyperbolic facebook post about how professionalism is the enemy of intimacy.  The conversation on this podcast helped me realize that sarcasm is the enemy of earnestness.

I am a hard working man, who demands to be taken seriously. Yes, I sleep in on Saturdays like the rest of you, but during business hours I won't even crack a smile. It's important that I hold the face in the picture above during my 40 hour work week so people understand that I am all business, and that I am not to be disturbed. I am being constantly recognized and awarded for my professional attire, my business acumen, how up to date I am on politically correct terminology, and how quickly I respond to LinkedIn messages. If you want the world to take you seriously, you're going to need to start taking yourself seriously. More interesting to me, is that the contrapositive might also be true. | professional portrait by @chazmarshall

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