Brandon challenged Ryan and I to go deeper, ask more intense and provocative questions, and have more uncomfortable conversations, so we brought him back on and used his best advice against him ( ūüėČ ). ¬†This is my favorite episode, because it is so intense, and because I finally got to ask Brandon everything I had been wondering about him in the four years I spent observing him (and his relationship) throughout college. ¬†Some of the outlandish questions we ask each other are: how did Brandon end up in what he described as a “dead-bedroom situation”, why did Ryan’s girlfriend confront¬†me about him not having sex with her enough, what was the sexual preference that Brandon continued to ask for in his last relationship after being denied repeatedly, how I dealt with and recovered from my sex shame, and how Brandon and Ryan’s emotional issues are the real things holding them back from finding jobs. ¬†Ryan shares his experience as a wage slave, and I finally talk about what it’s actually like to be a part of Pryzm, my start-up. ¬†My favorite segment¬†was when I call Brandon out on a specific moment where he was a complete asshole to his girlfriend, and before he has a chance to defend himself, he realizes how I saw it, and how similar both of our actions and belief systems were all those years we were stuck in school together. ¬†I’m so glad that Brandon has been a part of the podcast, but more importantly that we have become such good friends over these last few episodes, and that we can have deep conversations about anything, where we both walk away feeling like we know and understand ourselves better. ¬†Brandon is a true Paleomodern Polymath, and if you listen to this episode, you’ll agree.

Chapter Markers:

  • The History of this Episode [0:02]
  • How our Childhoods Impacted Our Relationship Patterns [4:17]
  • We Turn Ourselves On When… [15:36]
  • Stories of our Sexless Relationships¬†[29:17]
  • What We Do to be seen as Sexually Viable [40:13]
  • The Types of Girls We Find Ourselves Attracted to [51:33]
  • Was Brandon a Virgin in College? [58:23]
  • Stories of Communicating Our Sexual Desires [1:13:53]
  • Ryan’s Experience as a¬†Wage Slave [1:25:06]
  • How Ryan and Brandon’s Emotional Problems are Holding back their Careers [1:40:19]
  • Why I love working for¬†Pryzm [2:00:16]
  • Recognizing the Pattern of ‘Being an Asshole’ to our Girlfriends [2:28:36]
  • **My Favorite Part: I call Brandon Out¬†[2:34:14]
  • What are we ‘World Class’ at? [2:52:01]


Selected Links for the Interview:

Ryan, pre-wage slavery

Ryan enjoying life, pre-wage slavery

Why I suspected Brandon might have been a virgin

Why I suspected Brandon might have been a virgin in college