CourseWhat Was my Goal?What I did...What did I learn?How Can I Improve my Approach?Potential Next Steps...
SWEWork for 30 minutes √Decided on objectives & course materialsWhat I'll be doing and whyAttempt an MIT problem and read/experiment with the 'Learning on Steroids' online course (LoS)Start LoS. Attempt a problem from MIT's 6.0042j course
VSK8Spend 30 minutes skating vert √Learned to skate my new vert board. Attempted to skate transition again. Filmed my starting point bs airVert skills atrophy quicklyHave a plan so I don't get confused or discouraged when I get to the skateparkStructure the learning approach using Tim Ferriss' 'How to 10x Your Results, One Tiny Tweak at a Time' podcast.
SOLOWork for 30 minutes √Decided on mini-courses and objectives. Clarified the learning method.Action is the underlying learning method. What I'll be doing and the underlying method. A course a week is not a goal, action matters.Compile all actionable tips into a journal. Cross them off as I complete themSynthesize 'I Will Teach You to be Rich' (IWT) into an actionable list
APPDWork for 30 minutes XNothingForce myself to start and complete the smallest possible section of the app course I'm takingGet 1% further in my online app developer course
OverallSpend 30 minutes a day XPublished 'Unquitting Unschool'. Made structural changesThe hardest part is getting started. Once I start the 30 minutes flies by, but now my willpower is mostly exhausted with starting.Make a progress report format (this). Keep a general Graduate Unschool journal. Update progress report fields every time I workSpend 30 minutes a day of focused on Graduate Unschool (GU) everyday

Notes: I feel like I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked, but I made more progress than last week, and I identified a few changes I can make to improve next week. I understand this is not impressive, but right now it’s about sticking to my plans and moving forward, not impressing anyone.

The peak of the highest backside air I could land. The starting point for the vert skateboarding course.

The peak of the highest backside air I could land. My starting point for the vert skateboarding course.